Friday, February 27, 2009


This exhibition does not imitate nature. We try to portray “civilized tribes” in an entirely invigorating and exciting way, capturing the colorful and sparkling spirit of the city, emphasizing the fast-paced urban lifestyle bursting with life and lights. We reject the monotonous oriental and retro representation of art. Instead we will create a new urban-aboriginal theme that will pioneer a new era in art and design.


Character design

Each of us will have one character design which mix with the aboriginal and modern style. The characters look like mask which is adorable and each of the character will carry on the accessories such as calculator, piano, mouse and etc.



Graphic Elements

In order to reflect the modern tribes to symbolize popular icons, we have utilized the tribal elements into the design, and become the similar indigenous mural with these element arrangement combinations. The design can be redefined like the tribal design then discovered it’s formed by the symbol of modern civilization.


为了讽刺现代都市人热衷于各个著名品牌之间,因此我们运用了这些品牌作为我们设计的元素之一, 并用这些元素排列组合而成类似土著的壁画。远看犹如土著的设计,近看才发现这全是现代文明都市的象征。

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