Thursday, February 26, 2009

9 little sakaisssssssss

Khoo Seow Ling (Kim)

She is the leader of the Shan Fun members.
She have to handle a lot of work, like an octopus.
Like character design a lot.

Lee Shin Roei (China Moi , Yi Nan Wang)

She likes elephant a lot and be in deep love with hibiscus.
can mix a lot of different kind styling inside a piece of artwork. She can draw very well.

Boon Sin Wei (Speaker)

He do things in a very corporate way.
He do everything with a lots of planning included designing.
His artwork is very commercial.

Lee Liew Hui (Joyce)

Always be our driver and have talent in music.

Yap Mun Kit (Monkey)

Name sound like monkey, also act like monkey.
Good in funky style design.

Lim Hui Cheng ( Little Bee)

Fine art style graphic designer. Love unique styling a lot.

Yap Shy Pey (cha siu pau)

A flesh-eater, drumstick is her favorite.

Chew Kah Mei (Jagung Head)

Like to create thing that out of expectation, especially lights.

Yap Sin Yi ( si ye bao)

Love Disney cartoon a lot. Her artworks always look simple and clean.

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